MAS English teal 200

Pewsey Heritage Centre has been Accredited by the Arts Council England.

The Accreditation scheme sets out nationally-agreed standards of good practice and enables museums to assess their current performance, as well as supporting them to plan and develop their services.

Paul Cowan Chairman of Trustees for the Pewsey Heritage Centre:

I can confirm  that an email has been received confirming our accreditation. There are a few tasks we need to do, we also have to acknowledge this award. 

It is incumbent on me to now thank those that have made this possible. Firstly all the trustees who have worked together on this project, Catherine Wellings for coordinating the process, Mike Asbury for the work he has done over the decades with out which we would not be here, Tim Burge for professional guidance also over decades and Heather Perry for your continual support for our cause, Pewsey Heritage Centre.

I would also like to thank the many stewards and volunteers who help on a daily bases, the Hirers of the Education Room, they all play a valuable part in our sustainability.

The wider community also needs recognition, Pewsey Parish Council, Pewsey Carnival, The Pewsey Hasbeens, Friends of Pewsey Heritage Centre, The Co-op Charitable funds, and the many donors who over the years have very generously invested in us. Thank you all.

Finally it must be remembered the invaluable help we received through lockdown from WCC who distributed the Government assistance that kept us afloat.

Thank you all

G Paul Cowan
Trustee Chairman
Pewsey Heritage Chairman