Pewsey Heritage Centre

D-Day Build-up

an illustrated talk on the logistic build-up to D-Day

On Tuesday 28th May 2024, at the Pewsey Heritage Centre, 7:00pm for 7:30pm.

Entry £8.00 per head

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D Day Buildup aerial photo


A great deal has been written about D-Day and the Normandy campaign of 80 years ago, but how the troops and their equipment were marshalled, protected, fed, supplied, trained, hidden, armed, mended, etc., etc. has been less well documented until now.

Chris Barrington Brown spent 12 years in the Regular Gunners and 33 in the Reserves. He is a proud computer geek, occasional orienteer and amateur map-maker.

Now retired from his defence and counter-terrorism software business, he has embarked on a (perhaps 10-year) project to build a website - - that will explain the build-up, and enable users to see what happened in their area.

In trawling through hundreds of files from UK, US and Canadian archives he has brought together a collection of maps, diagrams, photographs and reports which tell the story of the logistic build-up to D-Day.

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The Pewsey Heritage Centre's 2024 display is Agriculture in the Pewsey Vale



Pewsey Sporting History Poster




The theme for the 2024 Exhibition is the Agriculture of the Pewsey Vale, including information on Mr J.H.Maggs (left) who was the Chairman of United Dairies, there will also be displays on A.J. Hosier the inventor of the portable Milking Bail which provided milking facilities that could go to the fields, rather than moving the cows to a yard parlour. It remains a vital part of any system aiming to keep a milking herd outside in its natural environment. We will also have displays of farm equipment from our extensive collection, and lots, lots more.



The Pewsey Heritage Centre's 2023 display is Pewsey's sporting history.


Pewseys Sporting history Poster 389



The display covers some of the famous sports personalities from around the Pewsey Vale and the sports and sports clubs that have been a part of the Vale for nearly 200 years, there is also a display of items outlining the history of the Pewsey Hospital. 

Pewsey Vale, although not large, has produced some famous sports personalities including, of course, Shelley Rudman, a skeleton bobsleigh athlete. She was the 2013 world champion, won an Olympic silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and is a former World Cup and European champion,  also Bill Amor, a local policeman, who played amateur football for Reading FC and competed in the England Team at the 1948 Olympics, where they came 4th, Bill scored in the 3rd/4th place playoff match.

The display covers these and others who have played sport in the Vale, it covers the sporting clubs of the Vale such as the Pewsey Vale Bowling Club (100 years young this year!) the Pewsey Tennis Club, and Pewsey Football Club, plus much much more.