The Museum Collection - Social

The Centre has on display many items relating to the social life of the Pewsey Vale - far too much to be included here. We hope that you will enjoy this very small sample of the variety to be found. We'd love to see you at the Centre.

Old-fashioned Hot Water Bottle

Included is a somewhat battered oval copper container. This is an old-fashioned hot water bottle. Boiling water was poured into it and it had to be well muffled otherwise it would give you first-degree burns in no time at all!

Old Phoenix Hotel Sign

The sign from the old Phoenix Hotel hung outside a famous hostelry in Pewsey, which has recently been converted into flats. The hotel was one of the first hotels in Pewsey to brew its own beer. It imported hops and brewed successfully for many years. It was no coincidence that was until its untimely demise the headquarters of the Pewsey Carnival Committee.

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Old Teapot

The teapot was given by traders to valued customers. The teapots weren't of particularly high quality and we're very lucky in having a surviving teapot in such a good condition. It is reputed to brew a very good cup of tea.

Pewsey Life

Other items on display at the Centre include Artefacts covering many aspects of Pewsey life, for example items from the railway, the Home Guard and the Police as well as sporting ephemera such as football boots and sports medals.

Old Photographs

We also hold a substantial collection of old photographs on a wide variety of subject matter relating to all aspects of life in the Vale over the last 150 years. A selection of these is on display.