The Museum Collection - Industry

Some Highlights of the Industrial Collection:

Radial Arm Drill

This is four and a half tons of pure of Victorian machinery - a radial arm drill, belt driven, which would drill a two inch hole in a two inch thick metal plate and was very, very well used by the business as can be seen by its somewhat worn state. It still works. Visitors are welcome to try and turn the handles to move the various parts of the machine, to give a feel for the amount of the manual labour required to do work in major industrial businesses.

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Pump and Engine Set

As an illustration of Pewsey's industrial heritage we have a pump and engine set, consisting of a Whatley's pump driven by the Lister 2½HP diesel engine. At the bottom of the casting is the Whatley's name. The pump used to provide fresh water from a borehole for the village of Everleigh up on Salisbury Plain. It was the sole means of obtaining fresh water for the village. (It functioned perfectly well until after the Second World War when it was replaced by a mains water supply which had originally been put in for military purposes.)

Other highlights of the Industrial Collection

Other highlights of the Industrial Collection are a steam hooter, similar to the one that would have been on top of the foundry building and a fine Victorian printing press. There are also items of Whatley's Victorian machinery: these include lathes, a vertical drill and a key cutter and the overhead belt mechanism (still in working order) that drove them.