Photo Gallery - Social Artefacts

A selection of photos of artefacts from the Social collection housed at the Pewsey Heritage Centre.

To view larger versions of any photograph, please click on the thumbnail images shown below. Each image is accompanied by a caption that contains a short description of the artefact.

This sign was given to the Centre when the old hotel was remodelled and developed into residential flats. The Centre also has the hotel register covering the war time years 1939 - 45, and several old (19th C) photographs.This earthenware teapot was a gift from a local department store (G B Nicol) to a favoured customer at Christmas, with the customer's name was fired into the pot. This was a typical early 20th century practice.These early bathroom scales have the direct reading dial printed as a mirror image. A casual onlooker could not easily read the weight displayed, but the user could easily read their weight reflected correctly in the mirror.This beautiful example of a craftsman's bow saw was a commercial product, probably used by a master cabinetmaker, rather than a jobbing carpenter.

Two fine porcelain articles commemorate the erection of King Alfred's statue in Pewsey. One is a small cream-jug - the other a model of a Victorian bathing machine (the relevance of a bathing machine to Pewsey is obscure, since the village is least 50 miles from any bathing beach!)This is a game bird carrier a device that allowed a gamekeeper to carry several brace of birds at the same time. The feet were fed through the large hole at the end of the slot, and the legs slid along. The bodies hung below - not a pretty sight!

This was a very basic firearm, muzzle loaded with black powder and a musket ball, and fired by applying a smouldering taper to the touch-hole on the top. It required either two hands or two people to fire it.

If filled with boiling water, this bottle could give severe second degree burns to a user. But generally this would be filled from the boiler next to the kitchen range, where the water would be warm, but not boiling.