Photo Gallery - Industry Artefacts

A selection of photos of artefacts from the Industry collection housed at the Pewsey Heritage Centre.

To view larger versions of any photograph, please click on the thumbnail images shown below. Each image is accompanied by a caption that contains a short description of the artefact.


Baking Thermometer
This baking thermometer, some 45cm long, although looking like something a veterinary surgeon would use on a sick cow, is in fact a dough thermometer, used to test the temperature of proven dough prior to baking into loaves.Radial Arm Drill
This radial arm drill was second hand to Whatley's in 1899 from Brown and May in Devizes. It is belt driven by a unique cantilever pulley system which allows access through a door between the machine and its belt drive.Pump Set
This pump set, (in green, to the left of the silver hand press) consisting of a single cylinder diesel engine driving one of the larger Whatley pumps, was used to supply water from a bore hole/well to the village of Everleigh before the advent of a mains water installation.Hand Press
This hand press, although probably strong enough to punch rivet holes in boiler plate, was in fact only ever used by a local baker, Marshalls (still in business in Pewsey) to punch pie and tart cases out of sheets of pastry.