Photo Gallery - Farming Artefacts

A selection of photos of artefacts from the Farming collection housed at the Pewsey Heritage Centre.

To view larger versions of any photograph, please click on the thumbnail images shown below. Each image is accompanied by a caption that contains a short description of the artefact.

This model is one of a series of models of agricultural machinery built by Alf Baker, whose widow left the collection to be displayed in an industrial museum.This free-lance model agricultural engine is one of a pair of engines built by local master model maker the late Alf Baker. This model (and others at the museum) was turned on his lathe using scrap metal. It's powerful enough to pull 7 people in a cart! The engine is in full working order, but currently lacks a boiler certificate.This machine smoothed a furrow for the seeds with the front wheel. This also chain-drove a brush in the seed box that pushed the seeds out through a small hole. The shaped wheel at the back covered the seeds with earth.The sickles displayed here are all designed to cut different materials. The largest needs two hands to use, and is more of a slasher - the smallest is a ladies sickle for light hay and grass banks.